Monday, September 1, 2008

Two grandparents,

two parents, five aunts, 
three uncles and one Kaelyn.

Kaelyn's reaction to Aunt Amy's pretty pink bedroom. 

Judith and I played with babies on Saturday afternoon.

Aunt Betsy, Grandpa Cook, Uncle Logan, Kaelyn, Daddy and Mommy spending time together on Sunday afternoon.

The Cook family
Left to right, front: Naomi, Betsy, Julie. Middle: Libby, Logan. Back: Wendy, Leon, Joel with Kaelyn, Judith, Aaron, Amy, Brian.
Photo credit: Rhoda Byler. 


  1. Your quilt on your bed is so pretty, and the "baby doll" in the middle is going to give you TONS of joy and laughter and love in the days ahead. Tell Grandpa and Grandma Cook "hello" from us. Being grandparents is absolutely "heart bursting" !!!

  2. My mom sends her "hellos" back.